About Mariana Da Silva

Mariana Da Silva is a Brazilian, Mexican actress. She moved to Miami at 12, there she began acting in Telemundo. Mariana auditioned and won one of the very few spots in Taller Telemundo, a boot camp of sorts taught by Oscar Nominee Adriana Barraza. Upon completing the program and working on several Telenovelas.

Mariana starred in HBO's Barrio Bravo and the feature film Zombie Farm, a film shot both in Spanish and English, simultaneously. Upon it's completion Mariana moved to Los Angeles, soon after she was cast as a young Sonia Braga on NBC's pilot The Curse of the Fuentes Women. She is also known as Dakota James on NCIS.

In 2017, Mariana found El Cine - an organization promoting diversity in film and television by programming Latin films. El Cine hosts Q and As with filmmakers. In effort to educate creatives on appropriate representation.